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An ethical democracy where everyone gets an equal platform to leverage their full potential.

- Kushal Choksi New York

I dream of a spiritually grounded India where every individual takes pride in the rich vedic heritage handed over to us and being an INDIAN!

- Amit Bhatt Edison

Where every Indian is genuinely respected by the other regardless of their gender, state, religion or any other so called difference.

- Kanika Singh Los Angeles

I dream of an India where politicians live like the voters, inequality is eliminated and innovation is unleashed!!

- Jyotsana Sharma London

I dream an India where each individual is empowered with yoga, values of integrity, civic responsibilty, compassion and a passion to excel!

- Rekha Alur San Jose

Dream an India where farmers are respected

- Prabhu Vijyan Chicago

Let India be a country where we are proud of our heritage, our aware of our potential and take care of each other

- Vineet Agrwal
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  • Vinod Khosla
    Indian-American Venture Capitalist, Co-founder of Sun microsystems.
    "Over 1 million volunteers to cleanup up politics in 2014"
  • Vivek Wadhwa
    Indian-American technology entrepreneur and academician
    "Largest Nation building movement in modern India."
  • Kiran Bedi
    Indian Social Activist & a retired IPS Officer
    "I am proud of OVBI volunteers for their efforts and love for the country."

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