Bringing together matching
plasma donors and critically
ill COVID-19 patients.

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Donors who have fully recovered from the COVID-19 have antibodies in their blood plasma to help protect against future infections. This refers to collection of plasma from fully recovered COVID-19 patients to be utilized for transfusion in seriously ill patients.
According to the FDA, “It is not currently known if convalescent plasma will be an effective treatment against COVID-19.” Since there are no known effective treatments, multiple options are under investigation by the scientific community. Some information suggests that convalescent plasma could help some coronavirus patients – especially those who are seriously ill. Since plasma transfusions are generally safe for most patients, the FDA announced an initiative to investigate this as a treatment option.
You may qualify to help if you meet specific convalescent plasma and regular blood donation eligibility requirements as below:
  • You have tested positive on a COVID-19 lab test.
  • Are at least 17 years old and weigh 110 lbs. Additional weight requirements apply for donors age 18 or younger.
  • Are in good health. You generally feel well, even if you're being treated for a chronic condition.
  • Have a prior, verified diagnosis of COVID-19, but are now you are symptom-free and fully recovered from COVID-19.
  • It has been at least 14 days since you’ve recovered
  • Reports Required
    • Positive Confirmed Report
    • Antibody Test Report if Any.
    • If already given,plasma need to complete 7 days.
    If you meet all the criteria above and are willing to help, please complete the Donor Request form. Thank you for your willingness to help patients in need!
Please register as a requester on this webpage. If we have a match in our database our volunteers will reach out to you. You may contact
We are a registered 501c3 non-profit, we are doing our best to support the community in this COVID-19 crisis. Our intent is to connect donors and recipients & refer them to the appropriate medical facility (doctors, hospitals, blood banks, etc.)