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OVBI Vedic Mathematics Teacher Training

  • Wednesday, Apr 5 2017, 00:01 AM - 11:59 PM PST


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OVBI Teacher Training Vedic Mathematics

From OVBI Education Series ‘Vedic Mathematics Teacher Training’. This is rare chance to learn Vedic Math for adults (become teachers) and then help teach your own classes. Not to be missed for Math fans, enthusiasts, parents who can help children worldwide connect better to their roots and heritage.

Course content will include Introduction to Vedic Mathematics, Complements, Addition, Subtraction, Tables, Multiplication, Digital roots, Division, Divisibility, HCF, LCM, Fractions Addition, Fractions Subtraction, Fractions Comparison.

OVBI thanks you for helping spread the knowledge of Vedic Mathematics. Vedic Math Teachers in world are needed, and you help bridge the important gap. It is one of important parts of Indian culture and heritage.

OVBI has done many projects in India and other countries. More info is at www.overseasvbi.org

From Sri Sri Ravi Shankar : “The Beauty of Vedic Mathematics is it approaches through simple and direct, single line, non-monotonic, multi-choice, direction independent and faster methods unlike conventional mathematics. Vedic maths ensures a balanced utility of both the right and left brain (logic and creativity respectively)”.

Reference Video: ‘Introduction to Vedic Maths’ past seminar recording at tiny.cc/ovbies9

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Name: Mehul

Email: mehul44@gmail.com

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