OVBI helped get Indian hostages released from Nigerian hostage

Date: January 12, 2017

Saumya and Vishwas’s father was one of the four Indians abducted in Nigeria. They approached OVBI, and our volunteers quickly sprung into action, which ultimately helped get the hostages released.

“More than 24 hours had passed and my family and I were going through very challenging times as my father was one of the four Indians who got abducted for ransom in Nigeria.
I really want to thank OVBI volunteers who stood by our family in these adverse times and helped us in connecting with Indian Embassy in Nigeria, Minister of External Affairs India Shrimati Sushma Swaraj ji and other lawmakers in India through online twitter campaign.

I wish them all the best to continue taking the cause of the NRI community whenever anyone is in hour of distress.” said Saumya & Vishwas


OVBI would like to thank all our volunteers Akshay, Sachin, Jitesh Vaswani, Anil Sharma, Om, Kalindi, Aravind Kallahally, and many more who helped and stood by Saumya and Vishwas’ family when they needed the most.

OVBI will stay focused and committed for any NRI issues.

Please reach out to us anytime if you need help.

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