Parag Shah
Parag Shah
Sr. Software Engineer
Bay Area

Growing up, I always felt proud of my country and wanted to contribute in whatever manner feasible, but destiny took an interesting turn of events and I landed up in USA. That fire still burned bright and I was looking for an opportunity to give back meaningfully. Fortunately, I found OVBI where I could channel my desire to serve the country in meaningful ways.

I started with the I Vote for a Better India “Voter Registration” App where I contributed in building the backend and driving features that made it easier for users to register to vote, which led to thousands of voters signing up and participating in the democratic process. While doing this, it was evident that having people vote for someone is not enough, there is also a dire need for good political leaders, and so I took the opportunity to lead Project Surajya to inspire the youth of India to contribute meaningfully in governance by participating in it.

My latest passion has been Project Saarthi, where I work with the youth to provide them with the guidance to become great leaders in their professions and in entrepreneurship by way of mentorships and intellectual exchange.

Safe to say, OVBI has contributed significantly to my growth and helped me gain a broader perspective of the problems India faces and the challenges that need to be overcome to build the India of our dreams.

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