Adopt A Village – Thirupanagadu

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Village: Thirupanagadu Village, Vembakkam Taluk, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu Total Population: 2500+people Total Families: 620+ Occupation: 50% Agriculture and 50% working in the nearby Factories Farmers: 320+ including 3 Organic Farmers Agriculture Land: 700 acres Cultivation: 75%paddy, pulses, groundnuts Schools: 1 Middle school with 170+ students Electricity Access: Good Enough Water Access: Drinking and Irrigation is a challenge  


  • Village community dropping agriculture and moving to working in the nearby factories
  • Lack of pure drinking water due to the pollution from the chemicals from the nearby factories
  • Youths moving to urban areas for better skills/employment
  • Lack of toilets which leads to open defecation
  • Lack of employment for the ladies as they do not possess any other skills other than agriculture
  • Behavioral issues/bad habits of students in the village
  • Except one or two farmers all are practicing chemical farming
  • Almost 95% in the village are hybrid cows
  Project Vision (Highlights):
  • Create a Happy Model Village in Tiruvannamalai district, Tamilnadu
  • Promote organic farming/indigenous cow breeds
  • Make the village free from open defecation
  • Impart new and self-employable skills for youths and women
  • Impart life and behavioral skills - over all improve the physical, mental and emotional quality of living in the village
Plans (Immediate)
  • Donate 20-30 cows initially for selected villagers and create a society of Indigenous cow owners and help them sell their milk in a better price
  • Conduct workshops for all farmers to improve their yields and also slowly help them to shift to organic farming
  • Life skills and behavioral skills workshops for all the 300+ children in the village
  • Youth Leadership Training Programs for youth empowerment
  • Skill Development Center for 40 ladies to teach tailoring / embroidery / computers /jute bag making etc.
  • Construct 50 toilets this year to reduce the cases of open defecation
    Raise fund from NRIs in USA, corporate and individuals in India.
  Project Impact so far (Stats):
  • Conducted preliminary interview on with the village head and farmers.
  • No funds raised and no impact so far.


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