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Adopt a Village
Over 17,000 farmers commit suicide every year in India. Many many more struggle to make ends meet and live in major distress.
Sadly, the causes are all man created. From GMO seeds to use of pesticides to deforestation to neglect of their plight by authorities. Water tables are going down at an alarming rate - India could be facing severe water shortage by 2025.
54% of India’s ground water wells are decreasing causing high to extremely high water stress - World Resources Institute
33 cr people in 2.55 lakh villages of India are short of water - Times of India
A large population of India still resides in villages. While taking care of their water needs is the most critical challenge for some states, in other states challenges such as lack of self sufficiency, education, employment opportunities etc are creating havoc in the lives of the people. Leading to problems such as drug/alcohol abuse, violence, depression and so on.
OVBI in partnership with Art of Living Foundation India has taken a giant leap in the direction of solving many of the root problems. In Karnataka we have even tied up with the local state government to bring up the water table in a large part of the land. In other states, skill development centers are being opened, youth are being encouraged to take responsibility for the development of their villages.
We invite all Non Resident Indians to join hands with us to take care of the most pressing challenges being faced by rural India.
Our current projects:
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