Adopt a village – Astanagurthy (Telangana/Andhra)

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Through this project we aim to empower the villages by educating children, providing vocational training for youth and women, instilling holistic health through yoga/meditation, creating awareness on health and hygiene, providing organic farming training to farmers, and implementing water conservation projects.

Action Plan

Community Room: 
A community dining room is being planned. The project will cost approximately INR 4,00,000. The project is in the planning phase.
Soaking Pits:
To preserve the water levels, the Telangana State Government is currently building soaking pits in the village. In first phase, sixty-six (66) families have received approval for state funds. State government will provide INR 4,000 per soaking pit and Suvidha covers rest of the cost. Suvidha plans to complete over 300 soaking pits by the end of 2019.
Tree Plantation:
Suvidha plans to plant about 3,000 trees in the village. Our team will provide 3-5 saplings to all the families in the village and plans to plant addition 1000 to 2000 trees along the road. We will provide fence and other materials.
Organic Farming:
Suvidha had arranged organic farming training for few farmers. These farmers will start organic farming next year on a small scale. Additional training as well as the support will be given next year before the farming season.
Vocational Training for Women: 
Plans are being worked out.
Water Conservation Projects:
Speaking to experts on potential water conservation/shed projects.


Education Support:
Suvidha is currently providing monetary support for the education of five financially challenged students and text-books for 17 undergraduate students. The details of these students are available at http://suvidhainternational.org/progress. Suvidha plans to provide scholarship of INR 5,000 to top ranking 10th grade students in 10 high schools of Wyra Mandal this year. Suvidha also plans to support additional students going forward.
Model Toilets:
Suvidha partnered with Back to the Roots and worked with Telangana Government in building model toilets for 140 families in Astanagurthy. For each of the model toilets, Government provided around Rs 12,000 while we provided Rs 1,800. Our volunteers also motivated several of the beneficiaries to dig their toilet septic tank pits to cut down the costs. As part of Swachh Bharat campaign, our volunteers have been encouraging the people in the village to use bathrooms and wash the hands after the bathroom use to protect their family’s health. Astanagurthy Village was declared as Open Defecation Free (ODF) village.
Pictures of beneficiaries can be found at http://suvidhainternational.org.
Mineral Water Plant:
A mineral water plant of 1,000 liters/hour capacity was built with INR 5,60,000 to provide drinking water to the entire village at nominal cost of  INR 5 per 5-gallon can. The plant has been operational from June 9th, 2018. This project also a created a one job in the village. The money from the sale of water will pays for the salary for the employee and takes care of plant maintenance expenses.
Medical Camps:
An Ayurveda medical camp was conducted which had a participation of 25 families.
Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP):
Eight youth  participated in the Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) in Vizag for 9 days. The training included
– Leadership and team building skills
– Discipline and time management
– Communication skills and interpersonal relationships
– Responsibility and commitment
– Healthy, happy and energetic life
Yoga & Meditation Camp: 
Four-day yoga camp was conducted from January 9th to 12th to improve the overall health of people in the village. Twenty people participated in the camp and learned yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation.


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