Adopt A Village – Nagod Gaam

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Problem Statement :

Nagod Gaam - A village in district of Surat, Gujarat. The Poor farm workers live in very substandard life with lack of basic necessities like toilets, bathrooms, water supply and poor inner road infrastructure.


  • Develop Nagod Gaam as an Adarsh Gaam by 2018
  • Inspire Nagod Gaam to then adopt the rural village of Vareth.
  • Using Nagod Gaam as an example, we want to bring the basic common facilities in other villages of India.
  • Use the Nagod Model Village concept to approach other NRI’s through OVBI and inspire them to adopt a village in India.

Developmental Agenda:

  • Creating Hygiene awareness in villagers
  • Empower youth and women by promoting volunteerism through the training by YLTP
  • Toilets for each and every house in the village
  • Electricity, clean water and sanitation facilities to all households and public buildings
  • Internalize all weather road system and connectivity to main roads, including surface water drains
  • Tree plantation and greenery beautification
  • Build new school, health clinic, gaam panchayat, and library for uplifting villagers life
  • Restoration and renovation of existing lake and water bodies in and around the village
  • Building a community hall and sport facility for youth
  • Take all electric and TV/telephone cables underground Create a small skills technical training workshop to educate local villagers so they are able to have better job opportunities
  • Build pukka house for all villagers living in a kachha house right now
  • Encourage and educate people for organic farming
  • Set medical camps for local and surrounding villagers
  • Focus on special needs of women and children
  • Activities for senior citizens
  • Proactive steps for inclusion and uplifting of socially excluded groups like Harijans and Harpatis of the village
  • Create clean water and public toilet facilities for the temporary migrated sugar cane workers
  • Influence villagers to bring about a healthy balance of materialistic and spiritual life

Project Impact:

  • Raised Rs. 3 crs for development of the village.
  • Built 350 toilets and bathrooms for each and every household.
  • Build inner roads that leads to main roads.
  • Conducted  educational/leadership workshops like Nav Chetna / Bal Chetna shibir in school.
  • Created 6 new Youth Leaders (YLTP- Yuvacharyas) driving the social projects.
  • Planted fruit trees in back yards and planted 500 other trees as beatification.
  • Build a community hall.
  • Every house hold is covered by insurance plan.
    • Implemented following Yojnas:
    • Swachh Bharat Swachh Nagod Yojna
    • PM Jandhan Yojna
    • PM  Jivan Suraksha Bima Yojana
    • PM Beti Bachavo Beti Padhavo Yojna


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