Adopt A Village – Shambugarh

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Shambugarh: - A village in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. The village has seen severe droughts, unemployment, mass migration of people to cities, lack of basic facilities like toilets and large open dumping of garbage


  • Develop Shambugarh and nearby villages as Adarsh Gaam by 2020
  • Develop local leaders who can take care of developmental issues in the village
  • Connect with NRIs from Rajasthan and using Shambugarh as example inspire them to adopt more villages in Rajasthan

Developmental Agenda

  • Start various skill development programs
  • Provide career counseling for large number of unemployed youths in the village
  • Help organize more YLTP and happiness courses to bring a healthy balance of materialistic and spiritual life
  • Creating Hygiene awareness in villagers and building awareness about government subsidies for building toilets and avoid open defecation
  • Empower youth and women by promoting volunteerism through the training by YLTP
  • Provide clean drinking water by installing water filters
  • Tree plantation and greenery beautification
  • Encourage and educate people for organic farming
  • Set medical camps for local and surrounding villagers
  • Proactive steps for inclusion and uplifting of socially excluded groups like Harijans and Harpatis of the village

Project Impact

  • One full time Yuvacharya has moved from Maharashtra and currently living in Shambugarh to help achieve the above objectives
  • Started Silai kendra in the village where women are getting vocational training of stitching and embroidery
  • OVBI helped to raise Rs 2 lakhs for the village
  • Organized 50 women-only YLTP course in association with local anganwadi workers
  • Reached out to 800 people in the village with various awareness programs for government subsidies, importance of health and hygiene
  • Conducted  educational/leadership workshops like Nav Chetna / Bal Chetna shibir in all the major schools in the village
  • Building awareness about organic farming, drip irrigation and use of solar pumps for irrigation


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