Adopt a Village- Sousar, Chhindwara , MP

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Youth Leadership Training Program aka YLTP team  is working for last 6 months for training village youths to maintain hygiene and cleanliness  in the village . Team is also working towards keeping village environment addiction free and conflict free along with engaging village youths in various skill development programs to retain them in the village for  a reasonably balanced life style and social structure. This entire transition process usually takes approximately a year. OVBI MP Team wants to support existing 7 member YLTP team for the project to keep up their good work going. Highlights of existing work:
  1. Conducting Yoga classes for school kids.
  2. De-Addiction awareness program for village youths.
  3. Awareness on Sanitation and building toilets.
  4. Social connect and peace through “Satsang” .
  5. Plantation
  6. Conducted yoga camps for 1000+ youths.
  7. Trained 45 youths leaders .


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