Namma Ooru Namma Kulam

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Problem Statement:

Chennai is a tale of 2 cities – a parched land, caused by severe drought in summer and a partially submerged island, due to deadly floods during the rains.  In December 2015, hundreds lost their lives, homes and livelihood to floods and in the summer of 2017 we are facing the worst drought in 140 years.  Rampant loss of waterbodies to urbanization, unauthorized encroachments, unchecked pollution and poor maintenance of ponds and lakes have caused this disastrous impact on nature and the city.


Holistically treat the Ponds and Lakes of Chennai for increased storage, clean water and surroundings, secured and green. It is a citizen movement, with the local community taking responsibility to clean and maintain the Ponds in pristine condition.
  • Clean the Ponds and Lakes (hereafter referred to as simply Ponds) Water using Eco Enzyme to improve the water quality to permissible levels.
  • Clean the Solid Waste in the Ponds and their Banks.
  • Desilt and deepen the Ponds and strengthen their Bunds to help gain higher storage capacity and increase the Ground Water Table.
  • Secure the Ponds to prevent encroachments and misuse.
  • Plant trees around the Pond to increase green cover, provide shade and improve bio diversity.
  • Conduct awareness about the responsibility of the local community and civic agencies to clean and maintain the Ponds in pristine condition.

Developmental Agenda:
  • Build a city wide volunteer base to manufacture Eco Enzyme and for Pond cleaning.
  • Survey the identified Ponds, define their specific treatment needs, determine the Eco Enzyme requirements and develop an actionable plan and budget.
  • Develop Detailed Project Reports to raise CSR Funds and Donations in India and abroad.
  • Manufacture Eco Enzyme in bulk through volunteers and dedicated factories across the city.
  • Plan and conduct Pond Treatment drives for Eco Enzyme Pouring, Physical Cleaning, Tree Plantation and IEC (Information, Education and Communication) programs.
  • Engage contractors to desilt and deepen the selected Ponds and strengthen their Bunds.
  • Construct Boundary Walls and Walk Ways to secure the Ponds. Develop Parks around them.
  • Form Pond Management Committees with representations from Art of Living, local community, Civic Agencies and other service organizations to clean and maintain the Ponds.

Project Impact:
  • Clean water in Ponds will help prevent water borne diseases in the local community.
  • Increased water storage in Ponds will help increase ground water, prevent drought and reduce flooding.
  • Secured Ponds will help prevent encroachments, misuse and deliberate Pollution.
  • Trees planted around the Ponds will help increase green cover and improve bio diversity.
  • Empowered local community will work with Civic Agencies to clean and maintain the Ponds.


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