Creating a Vibrant Bengal

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Project Vision Bengal faces multiple problems- weak economic growth, high drop out rates among rural children, farmer suicides, and addiction. The " Creating a Vibrant Bengal" project seeks to address these challenges by training Yuvacharyas through the Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP). These Yuvacharyas would be working at the local level for driving social change. Project Goal
  • Sponsor 500 Yuvacharyas over the next 6-9 months.
  • Funding need- $100 per month per Yuvacharya
Problem/ Current Situation Low economic output, creating unemployment among youth. High drop out rates among school children Limited education opportunities for slum children Next Steps
  • Create awareness for the project among expatriate community
  • Showcase development work being done in Bengal through social and mainstream media
  • Work with local groups in the US that are doing social development work in Bengal
  • Over the longer term, work on creating a platform for marketing handicrafts made in Bengal in overseas markets


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