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Hurricane Harvey ​has unleashed unprecedented and catastrophic flooding and devastation in Houston and nearby areas.Overseas Volunteer for a Better India is helping collect donations for a well known social worker and community leader in Houston, Mandar Apte, who has lost a lot in this flood.
We spoke to Mandar ​this week ​and found out that his house got completely flooded. Due to continued release of water from the Addicks reservoir, it is anticipated that his home will remain flooded for the next week as well. Further, he does not have any flood insurance and having quit his job last year, and with no source of income, he will be facing an even stronger economic impact of this tragedy.
Why we have taken responsibility to support Mandar?

We have known Mandar for the past decade and have admired him for his vision and commitment for community service. He had quit his job last year at Shell to start the “From India With Love” endeavor in America to reinvigorate leadership commitment to nonviolence. Within a short span of one year, he led three delegations of America's leaders (including former gang members and victims of violence) to India to study non-violence, with the aim that these leaders will contribute towards creating a violence free society back in the US. Mandar has spent most of his savings for this work. For us at OVBI, Mandar is a hero in the truest sense who left his comfortable corporate life for a higher cause. Currently he has no earnings and has lost his home and all the belongings and on top of it does not have flood insurance to cover the damages (photos attached).

At OVBI, we are inspired and committed to support those, like Mandar, who work selflessly for uplifting society. We wish to request your help in supporting our fund raising goal. Please open your heart, every dollar counts.


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