Indian Javelin Team Project

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The Problem The current issues for a budding athlete in India ranges from irregular monetary support, insufficient dietary supplements and improper/low quality equipments. Most of the times these athletes come from underprivileged backgrounds and have to balance family and their needs simultaneously. Project Vision OVBI envisions supporting upcoming young and talented athletes. The project will support Indian athletes for Olympics and similar International level competitions by addressing challenges like nutrition, equipments and scholarships. The funding will be provided to an individual or a team that represents India at the international level. Action Plan The Goal of this project is to support multiple Indian athletes in various sports. To provide the quality support and to quantify the results, the project will begin with supporting “Indian Javelin Team” in its Pilot phase and will expand to other sports once the support to Indian Javelin Team becomes self-sustained. Indian Javelin team currently ranks 2nd in the world with 6 throwers crossing the 78 meter mark. Javelin unlike cricket doesn’t require too many equipment and investment. A small amount is enough for a talented athlete to perform well and improve performance. A javelin athlete just requires proper shoes, clothes, diet (supplements) and exposure to compete with best in the world. Athletes from countries like Kenya have gone on to become world record holders. First time in history, Indian athletics is fortunate to have a pool of highly talented javelin throwers who are currently ranked 2nd in the world as a team. They have done this with limited resources at their disposal. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT INDIAN JAVELIN TEAM


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