OVBI Technology Initiatives

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Project Vision 

The OVBI Technology Team aims to provide technology solutions for the various projects aimed at
accelerating innovation and inspiring youth to contribute to the country.


Project Impact so far

~Won 1st Google Code for India 2015 for Voter Registration App.
~Won 3rd prize for IoT solution for Water Management at TiE Smart Cities Challenge 2016
~Enabled voter registration during India LS Elections 2014. Combined with on-ground volunteer engagement, got 500,000 voters registered.
~Developed Volunteer Collaboration App for various service projects.


Problem Statement/Current Situation

~ Technology has potential to change lives, especially in emerging markets like India.
~ Technology for good can be a catalyst for quantum leaps in productivity and social impact.
~ Need to inspire the broader NRI tech community to engage in problem-solving by utilizing their talent in constructive ways.

Next Steps

Develop solutions for OVBI projects (Water, Model Village, etc.)

Past Initiatives

OVBI  has worked with Volunteer for a better India (VBI India) group to create technology solutions to make voter registration process easier for the new voters. We launched below products - thanks to a team of around 40 engineers and product development folks across USA, and many VBI volunteers in India.  
  1. Mobile App:  This helps voters to fill the voter application with ease on their cell phones. It has features to automatically fill state, constituency, taluka fields from pincode simplifying this process. Once filled the App finds nearby VBI voter drives. Voter drive is a location setup by VBI where in voters can take their signed Form 6 voter application, photograph and proof of address. VBI volunteers will then help with proof checking as in right constituency, pincode, etc and carry multiple voter papers to ERO office. This will reduce rejections from ERO with incorrect applications and eliminate time by each voter to engage personally with Election offices. screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-43-52-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-45-49-pm
  2.  Voter Portal: Voter Portal for outside agencies. (Technology partners with NASCOMM and FICCI) OVBI tech team helped create http://indiavoting.org a voter registration website that has that is being marketed to 150,000 companies. It allows voters to fill new application, contact their volunteers and print applications.


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