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Problem Statement:
Much of information in text books misses history of India. The information in newspapers and magazines does not give the reader broad based and unbiased understanding.In many areas, children mostly learn one language English.


  • The know India initiative serves to showcase the real wealth of India to the people of Indian descent living globally.
  • The aim is to better connect people to India’s roots, it’s vast history of more than 5000 years.
  • Through rich and well researched content we hope to increase India’s pride and help portray healthy Indian culture, heritage and values in coming generations.

Development Agenda:

  • Vedic Math training workshops in various cities and broadcast live to many countries
    Vedic Math Teacher Training conducted
  • Entertaining play conducted to celebrate 900 years of Bhaskara mathematician. This is to increase love of mathematics
  • Knowourindia.org portal created to showcase the various educational related work
  • Education Seminars watched by many in several countries to showcase real history of India, how to understand media, current affairs, geopolitics.
  • Working with text books committee to portray India and its history better for students.

Project Impact:

  • Many adults and children got educated in Vedic Maths and Sanskrit
  • This increases love of mathematics in schools and learn a rich new language.
  • Many education seminars done to educated NRIs in various countries.
  • Local educational and entertaining events created.


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