Project Saarthi

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Project Vision (Highlight) : 
Project Saarthi aims to be provide young budding students/graduates support, to chart out their career paths whether they are pursuing entrepreneurship, jobs or self-employment. It aims to start providing youth with the necessary support and guidance in the form of mentorships.
Project Impact:
  • 50 students actively being mentored.
  • Reached about 800 students.
  • 3 Info/Counseling sessions.
Problem Statement/Current Situation:
  • 700 mil expected youth in 18 - 25 in next 5-10 years.
  • Big gap between academic achievement and professional readiness.
  • Need for mentors to guide the young.
  • Need to reach the most under-served colleges/universities in India.
Next Steps
Short term steps
  • Develop website
  • Info. system to track mentorships
  • Expand to another university.


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