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Many Orphans throughout India face a serious crisis. They suffer from the lack of parental care, are mostly neglected and can fall to the dark side of drugs, crimes and abuse. Even though many institutions have opened up to support these kids they neither have access to quality education nor value based spiritual education. As a consequence we do not come across orphans who are leaders in the community. If molded well they can be an asset for the Society and the Nation. With that goal in mind we are trying to build a movement to unleash the tremendous potential that orphans throughout India possess provided they are nurtured and inspired in their formative years. Through the idea of an “extended family” and using technology they will be integrated globally with like-minded souls in generational effort.


  1. Identify orphanages who are involved in unleashing the true potential of orphans in India. Using technology they will be connected with the global Indian community who can mentor these kids. They will be trained in Math, Science, Sanskrit , English as well as in History of India.

  2. They will be provided with emotional support in every endeavor as part of an extended family. There will be people to feel their pain and people they can rest their heads and cry in failures and share successes.

  3. Through collaborative global efforts these kids will be provided with robotics kits, science kits and will be helped to participate in global competitions.

  4. They will be made to meet role models consisting of scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals. They will also be helped in public speaking to become leaders in their respective professions.

  5. Each kid will be given an opportunity to make a significant contribution in serving India. They have no parental pressure and hence can meaningfully contribute in serving the nation to the fullest.

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