World Culture Festival

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The World Culture Festival or WCF is an initiative taken by noted humanitarian and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's foundation known as the Art Of Living. What started as a vision 3 decades ago has finally reached a stage of fruition and will be seen in its full glory in Delhi on the dates March 11-13, 2016. Yes! 3 days! Where over 3.5 million global citizens will gather to immerse in the fervent spirit of oneness and togetherness. The WCF is first of its kind to see a gathering and celebration at such a colossal level. Thousands of participants and performers across the world will gather to express their version of a peaceful world. You are mine, I am yours and this world belongs to us will resonate across this sacred venue in Delhi. The concept of 'one world family' was a dream seen by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ever since the inception of the Art of Living foundation i.e. 35 years ago... It's easy for countries to meet on trade and miscellaneous other issues but to gather the whole world on the sheer power of oneness is an extraordinary feat. Hand to heart I bless this foundation on their 35th year of bringing the world together. Cheers to 'One world family' Vasudhaiva kutumbakam'. Be there if you want a peaceful world, be there if you are a world citizen, be there if you want to leave a peaceful world to your kids, be there for every reason that defines a safe and peaceful


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