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Over 7,400 militants have reformed after our programs in India

Whether the Gujarat Riots 2002, the Mumbai Train Blast 2006, the 26/11 terrorist attack at the Taj in Mumbai 2008, or the prolonged Kashmir insurgency, our volunteers have responded quickly to address the severe psychological impact of the attack through our trauma relief programs.

Our approach to terrorism has been two-pronged. To relieve and rehabilitate victims of terrorism and also work to rehabilitate terrorists who are victims of terrorism themselves.

In a study of 219 ULFA militants from Assam who surrendered their arms, the techniques show that participants experienced a marked decrease in aggression and a significant increase in quality of life and satisfaction with life in 40 days.

– et al Kanchibothla 2020

By building inner peace and resilience, we have been able to accelerate actions including laying down of arms by warring groups, reforms in former terrorists and rehabilitation of prisoners thus ensuring that further incidence of terrorism and violence is reduced

A militant reformed:

“I was a district commander of a military outfit.
I used to carry a gun with me all the time. Sleep would come hard, so engulfed was I with worries and guilt that I had to resort to taking sleeping pills. After I underwent The Art of Living program, I realized the futility of what I was doing and gave up the path of violence. My life has changed.”

– Mansoor Ahmed, former militant from Kashmir

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