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Strengthening India's rural economy

India’s Rural Economy Has Immense Potential – Our Programs Are Designed to Tap Into That Potential

Technology & Innovation

The Digital Age Comes with Digital Challenges, Let’s Build a Community of Like-Minded Leaders to Use Technology and Innovation for...

Good Governance

Our Local Leaders Know Little About Beneficial Schemes—Together, We Can Empower Them For Better Governance

Sustainable Agriculture

Strengthening India’s Rural Economy Food and agriculture today stand at crossroads. Progress has come with huge social and environmental costs...

Forging US India Strategic Alliances

Connecting Indians Across The Globe With One Goal–A Better India

Supporting Humanitarian Initiatives

Offering Relief, Where It Is Needed Most

Disaster Relief

Disasters Cause 5x More Deaths for The Underprivileged. Let’s Work Towards Minimizing The Impact of Disasters.