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Technology & Innovation

Tradition, technology, trade and truth are the four key factors that need to be revived time and again. Unless they are revived, the whole meaning for which they were initiated will be lost; ancient and modern methods should be synergized.

- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Challenge

With the use of modern technology, we hope to accelerate and enhance our overall social impact. With the aim to encourage creativity and fulfill human potential, we seek to promote innovations emerging both out of rural and urban ecosystems. The primary goal is to solve local environmental protection issues or global technology challenges. We hope to connect global leaders, thought leaders and the Indian diaspora with the same goal to create a better India. Together we can build a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders to accelerate the implementation of modern technology to solve some of the pressing issues of our times. Our dream is to connect geographies around the world through global investors, ecosystems and best practices so that nations can celebrate innovation and progress together.

Challenges post COVID: The post COVID world is no stranger to the constant emergence of problems on a national level. We see the rise of issue of reliable partners in the supply chain ecosystem, energy crises, climate issues, cyber security issues and of course, the fight against the global pandemic.


Rising population: With the rising problems, we also see a rising population and need for jobs. India will need to generate approximately 8-9 million jobs annually to support its largest young, skilled labor force.


Leveraging appropriate technologies: There is a surge of innovation and start-ups worldwide, and these hold the potential to supply jobs for our population and solve many pressing issues. However, the question arises: How to mentor the start-ups working on innovative solutions and accelerate them in the right direction?


Facilitate collaborations: No single country can handle the post COVID challenges alone. We aim to facilitate collaboration between allies to help build a global supply chain while also developing an anti- pandemic solutions ecosystem.


Generate employment: We aim to generate employment through small, young firms by promoting entrepreneurship and innovation culture, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities. Strong partnerships with institutes with social organizations that help and promote grassroots innovation.


Incubate & accelerate start-ups: One of our primary goals is to develop start-up incubation centers in rural and urban areas to support local entrepreneurs and social start-ups. The idea is to help aspiring entrepreneurs create their businesses, imbibe a culture of innovation, increase economic and social prosperity. These centers will provide meaningful mentorships and resources to kickstart and sustain their projects. We will also be collaborating with premier educational institutes like the Indian Institutes of Technology and setting up movements like India Innovates. We plan to create a network of VCs with start-ups in India.


Leverage & build technologies: We want to use exponential technologies to lead social change. Some of our projects have begun work along these lines such as the Climate Action Labs that utilize modern technology like high-resolution satellite imagery, drones and the cloud to add additional ammunition to fortify the water conservation methods. Our centers of training will provide youth with a set of unique skills. allowing them to express their creativity through technology to ultimately resolve the problems around them.