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Forum – Big Ideas for a Better India

A Space for the Brightest Minds To Take On India's Greatest Challenges

At OBVI, we are Indians abroad, working towards the sustainable development of India. We are doctors, students, engineers, volunteers, business owners and everyday citizens coming together to achieve a common goal. We believe that having a common goal and a common platform can help us propel our ambitions.


We organized Big Ideas for a Better India to invite entrepreneurs and community leaders to debate, discuss, share and opine on some of the key issues India faces. Together, we ask and answer pressing questions about the betterment of India.

A Forum to Bring Like Minds Together

With our resources, we hope to create a forum to bring NRIs together, to give them a place to efficiently contribute to the development of the country. The forum enables people with the same ambitions to network and create fruitful alliances. It brings compatible entities together, helping us catalyze the sustainable development of India. We hope to make our forum the go-to place for any NRI looking to help with the development and betterment of our country. 


We host conferences where stakeholders, thought leaders and others can discuss and share their ideas and ambitions. Here we can trade powerful ideas, ignite new passions, form beneficial partnerships and question the status quo. With these conferences, we hope to engage influential world leaders, organizations and entrepreneurs into building a blueprint for the future of India. We aim to bring in industry experts that can shed light on business, academia, environmental sustainability, and much more. With insights from people with varied skill sets, we can analyze the connection between political, economical, environmental and social progress and peace.


The Big Ideas for a Better India Forum aims to bring change in the spaces of education and literacy, climate action and conservation, water conservation methods, poverty, reforestation, women empowerment and the empowerment of children amongst others.


We want to create a safe space for thought leaders, green entrepreneurs, green activists, research and innovation institutes, influencers, green finance institutes and technology partners, who have the same drive to see an improved India. We believe that creating a space for intellectuals to share their ideas, discuss their fears and voice their opinions will open up an array of opportunities when it comes to the betterment of our country.

We hope that with this forum we can:

  • Learn from every speaker’s inspirational stories
  • Explore and troubleshoot various strategies to amplify the message of peace, empowerment, and service to society
  • Highlight the many ways in which we can effectively contribute to the country