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From 2018-20, our volunteers responded to floods in Kerala, Maharashtra, Assam, Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal providing material relief including food, water, garments, and other essentials. Over 34,000 families benefited from rescue operations conducted by over 1,250 volunteers in these states.

Whether floods, earthquakes or storms, our volunteers have reached disaster zones, often within hours of the disaster, rescuing victims and providing immediate food and material relief. Over medium and long-term periods, we have provided medical support, built homes, schools, provided lighting, rebuilt roads, and other infrastructure. But the game-changer is our trauma relief programs that have enabled victims to heal enough to rebuild their lives again quickly.


The tools in the Art of Living program effectively reduced post-traumatic stress symptoms in tsunami survivors after the 2004 South Asian natural disaster. Eight months after the tsunami, survivors in refugee camps had significantly reduced scores on post-traumatic stress disorder (PCL-17) compared with those on a waitlist control group. Results revealed the effect of treatment vs. control was significant at 6 weeks – et al Descilo 2009.


In August 2019, floods ravaged many parts of Maharashtra. In several villages in Kolhapur district, people and their livestock were swept away. Our volunteer teams reached victims, who had reached higher terrains, on rescue boats with food, water and feed for the livestock. Said a victim, “these cattle keep us alive and today you are keeping them alive.” We distributed 4,707 home kits, provided 25,000 kg of cattle feed and over 60 tanks of water. We also conducted trauma relief programs and medical camps in over 75 villages.


We need to rethink the entire developmental model. This is a message Mother Nature is sending us.

~ Dr Satya S Tripathi UN Assistant Secretary-General, UN Environment Programme

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