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Overturning Exploited Land

From 2018-20, we provided drainage treatments across 2,500 sq km within the catchment areas; we planted 207,700 indigenous trees using a specific site suitability analysis to determine where to plant which variety of trees.

Our approach for reviving riverine ecosystems is three-pronged:

Comprehensive: Providing local solutions in a scientific manner that mimic natural systems of restoring water. Ours is an integrated effort involving groundwater management, bio-diversity regeneration, tree plantation and chemical-free agriculture.


Sustainable: Solving immediate needs of giving people access to safe water and also creating systems that ensure reliable supplies in the future.


Community-driven: Empowering local communities through capacity-building frameworks.


Combating farmer suicides: Latur is one of seven districts in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra that has been making global headlines because of farmer suicides from climate change. Since 2013, Mahadev Gomare, an Art of Living teacher and a rural leader has been working with farmers in Latur to make several parts of the area water-resilient. Jal Jagruti Abhiyan movement of The Art of Living that Gomare initiated, has gained momentum and today, with the support of government and community stakeholders, hundreds of small farmers in Latur have moved to natural farming, afforestation, agroforestry and riverine ecosystem management.

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