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From 2018-20, 39.5 % of the total number of people skilled across various programs were women.

When women are employed, their intra- household bargaining power increases, and poverty decreases. By tapping into the community and building peer support, our women are skilled to become economically independent and socially relevant.


Story of Nusrat and the weavers: In Ranchi, Jharkhand, we trained 75 unemployed, economically backward women, mostly housewives and adolescent school drop-outs, as ‘Two-shaft handloom weavers and warpers’. We organized them into Self Help Groups and sourced raw material with which they wove blankets and saris. A blanket fetched around Rs 60 and a sari, Rs 300 to 500 based on design. “Now we can give a proper education to our children,” says Nusrat, as she smiles and weaves on her loom.

If India increases its female labor force participation rate by 10% by 2025, its GDP could rise by as much as 16% as compared to the business as usual scenario.

– McKinsey Global Institute 2015

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