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Light a Home Project

Electricity allows access to better education and opportunities for industries and businesses to flourish. According to World Bank figures, approximately 200 million people in India lack access to electricity. The majority of rural India relies on kerosene and other fuels to meet their lighting needs, which is hazardous to health and the environment. Moreover, inadequate lighting makes it hard for children to study and makes medical aid inaccessible at night.

In an effort to provide a clean and affordable lighting solution to rural India, our “Light a Home” project was born. The program uses elements of frugal innovation (the process of reducing the complexity and cost of a good and it’s production) and aims to provide clean and affordable lighting to 360 million people in India living in 74 million rural households. These houses have no access to electricity. SSRDP provides high-quality and cost-effective solar lanterns, home lighting systems and solar cookers, distributed through solar centers across India. These centers are operated and managed by local ‘Yuvacharyas’ trained specifically for the initiative.

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