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Building Capacity Of Our Rural Communities

From 2018-20, we trained 59,000 youth across rural India to become community leaders and 167,600 people through programs to reduce stress and build resilience.

A Sanskrit word, Karmayog translates to ‘service without attachment to result’. Our Karmayog Wing drives our developmental agenda across India in collaboration with our trusts working on environment, education, livelihoods, health, disaster management, gender equality and others.


The Karmayog national team has an executive board comprising 5 members who, in turn, appoint councils in each state of India. Periodically, national conventions are conducted to build vision and address challenges. Volunteer attrition is mitigated by mentoring volunteers on income generation programs or integrating them into funded social initiatives of the organization.


The miracle man of Marathwada: Dr. Purushotham Wayal is a college professor in the Jalna district in Maharashtra, who once, long ago, had a problem with alcohol. He did the YLTP program in 2008 and his life changed. Wayal believes that the biggest problem in India is the lack of confidence among our youth. He has since trained over 10,000 youth as leaders and

is relentless in his passion and mission for transformation in the region.


Youth trained by Wayal, today, have become Sarpanchs* in their villages. They are building model farms for chemical-free farming. They are setting up skills-training centers and free schools across the state.


They are working to revive river basins. They are setting up businesses for solar installations. They are inspiring many more youth to take responsibility and work to transform the nation, like they have.

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